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Welcome to
Portugal Sunshine

This picture above it's from one of the nearby places that can be visited daily it's called Ilha das Berlengas, Peniche

Property description
 The house offers 4 bedrooms, 2 with double bed, 2 with 2 single beds each, 3 bathrooms, a nicely furnished living room with a large table a well-equipped kitchen, large terrace. 

Area activities
Surf, Body-board, Windsurf, Skate, Dive, Fishing, Sail, Tennis, Golf, Carting.

Lisbon Airport

Policies & disclaimers

Our tariffs: 

Days/Weeks/Months already booked;

 Local beach and city photos



Link- for the local city town hall-  http://www.cm-peniche.pt/
Link-for a local leaflet-                http://www.cm-peniche.pt/_uploads/turismo/folhetopeniche_turismo.pdf

To get in touch, please use one of the following options: 

Contact us at:

Email: fab-removals@hotmail.co.uk (Francisco Fab-removals) and we will get back to as soon as possible.

General conditions 

The reservation of all lodging presented on this site implies the total adhesion to the below-mentioned conditions. 



1.1.  The reservation is done while filling the reservation form that “PORTUGALSUNSHINE” will send to the customer at his request, and this must have returned by email to “Portugal accommodation”.   

1.2.  After the reception of the reservation form, “PORTUGALSUNSHINE” informs the customer of the availability of the lodging and that it must proceed, within a period of 10 days, payment of 40% of the total value of the stay.   

1.3.       The above-mentioned payment uses down payment and must be done by bank transfer towards the account registers on the reservation. 

1.4.  With this down payment, “PORTUGALSUNSHINE” confirms the reservation sending to the customer written confirmation of this one.  

 1.5.  The 60% remainder will be liquidated at the keys deliver moment, that will be yielded by the owner or by “PORTUGALSUNSHINE”.   

1.6.  The customer always will have to provide itself with confirmation of the reservation. 


2.1.  To the discount of the keys, for the protection of the material goods of the owners, the customer must pay a guarantee of a value of £100,00.   

2.2.  In case of damages, the amount of the guarantee will be deducted.  If it proves insufficient, it will be demanded a compensation for the damages caused.  In the opposite case, the guarantee will be returned in his entirety at the end of the stay.    


3.1.  The customer will not be reimbursed down payment in the case of a cancellation of the confirmed reservation less than 30 days of the date back to the entry.   

3.2.  The customer will lose 50% of the value of the down payment in the case of a reservation cancellation confirmed more than 30 days of the date back to the entry.  

 3.3.  The customer will be reimbursed entirety of the down payment in the case of a cancellation more than 60 days of the date back to the entry.   


4.1.  PORTUGALSUNSHINE” have for objective the layout of housings of houses, for vacation and housing services for rural tourism.   

4.2.  The owners of the houses, villas, apartments or rooms are responsible for the posted descriptions on this site, as well as the state of the rented property and all given information on this site.   

4.3.  Despite the verification by “PORTUGALSUNSHINE” of all these information, one cannot be held as the person in charge for these.   

4.4.  This is the responsibility of the owner or person designated by this one, the resolution of all problem being able to arise during the stay (escape of waters, blocked sewers, melted lamps, lacks gases, current failures, cleaning, put back keys, …). 

 4.5.  “PORTUGALSUNSHINE”  itself is not responsible for all accident being able to arise during the stay, this is entire responsibility of the customer as well as the supervision of the children (swimming pool or other).   


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