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Moving Checklist

Two to Four Weeks Before Move Day

Booking – try to give Fab-removals as much notice as possible to book your removal date.

Packing – Before any packing begins, decide if there are any items you wish to dispose of. These can be sent to a local saleroom, auction or donated to a charity shop if they are good we can take them for you to a local charity shop free of charge. If you are planning on packing yourself, make sure you obtain all necessary materials, and begin at least two weeks before your move. Label boxes with the details of their contents and the room in which they are to be placed at the new address. Remember to buy cartons and packing materials.

Bank – Notify your bank of your change of address and consider transferring your account to a branch nearer to your home. Don’t forget any items that are retained by the bank for safe keeping.

Credit/Store Cards – Fill in the change of address section of your statement when returning it with your payment and also notify any card protection insurers that you may have.

Mail – Re-direction The Royal Mail needs 7 days notice. Application forms are available at all Post Offices or you can telephone for one to be sent on 04857 777888

Relatives & Friends – Go through your personal directory and send out change of address cards.

Schools – Notify your children's schools of their leaving date and advise the new schools as soon as possible.

Telephone / Mobile Phone / Internet Providers – Contact providers including Internet account and advise your change of address and the date from which you wish your new number to operate. Give at least two weeks notice.

Pension – Advise your local Post Office or private scheme of your change of address.

Insurance – Notify your broker or individual insurance companies: motor, household contents, life and any other insurances.

Driving Licence – Complete section 1 on your licence and return it to DVLC, Swansea , SA99 1BN

Vehicle Registration – Send the appropriate section of your Vehicle Registration Document to the Vehicle Licensing Centre, Swansea , SA99 1AB .

TV Licence – Fill in the change of address part of your existing licence.

TV Rental – Sets can normally be taken to your new address when renting from a large company and your records will be transferred to their nearest branch.

Doctor/Dentist/Optician – De-register if you are moving away and research alternatives nearer to your new address. Liaise with the hospital if undergoing regular treatment.

National Insurance/DSS – Benefits Write to your local DSS office, giving your full name, date of birth, and full National Insurance number.

Local Authority – Notify relevant authorities in both your current area and the area to which you are moving regarding council tax and electoral registration.

Subscriptions – Notify all organisations / clubs / charities of which you subscribe of your new address.

Hotels – If you need hotel accommodation during the removal, book your hotel well in advance, especially if the move occurs during the summer months.

Lofts/Attic – Check the contents, dispose of any unwanted items and empty contents to 1st floor rooms.

Pets – Make arrangements to book pets into kennels / cattery etc. or for friends / relatives to look after them during the move. Arrange for the transfer of your pet’s records to the new vet.

One Week Before Move Day

Electricity & Gas – Contact your existing energy suppliers to advise the date when you will be moving, giving at least 48 hours notice. The gas & electricity market is now open to competition, allowing you to choose your supplier, for more information contact Energy Watch on 0800 887777.

Water – At least 48 hours notice is required by both your existing and your new authority to arrange for disconnection and re-connection of supply.

Milk/Papers/Window Cleaner – Settle outstanding accounts and cancel supplies.

Children – If possible arrange childcare on removal day. This will allow you time to concentrate on the removal itself.

Keys – Ensure that the keys for your new home are going to be available.

Fridge/Freezer – If you are moving out of the area please empty & defrost your fridge / freezer.

Survival Kit – Pack a box for the other end to include: light bulbs, toilet rolls, candles, screwdriver and pliers, matches, kitchen towels, cash and a note of important telephone numbers. Put this box in the boot of your car.

Plants – Prepare plants for travel.

Parking – Resolve parking requirements. Arrange lift access if you live in a block of flats.

Move Day Tomorrow

Washing Machine/Dishwasher – Empty, disconnect and drain pipes, secure the drum of the washing machine with the manufacturers transit brackets.

Refreshments – Arrange these to be available for the next day – remember your cooker may be disconnected. Also ensure that you have planned your evening meal on the day of the move. It may be easier to have a takeaway or eat out.

Sleep Well – Ensure all packing completed and appliances disconnected.

Moving Day

Keep refreshments flowing for everyone involved with the move, it is physically demanding work.

Remove all bedding, and ensure that when packed, these are clearly labelled for immediate unpacking for the first night at your new home.

Settle the children with their carer. If they are staying with you, organise a room with their toys and a few treats. Older children may want specific tasks, such as packing their own personal box.

Show the Fab-removals foreman around the house, identify anything that is NOT to go. It is useful to put a sticker on Not To Move items.

Once the van is loaded, walk around the house with the foreman to ensure all items to be moved have been placed in the vehicle. Agree an approximate time to meet at the new property.

Before leaving, make a note of all relevant meter readings, and arrange for key transfer as agreed.

On arrival at your new home, make a note of meter readings.

Show the foreman the layout of your new home. It may be helpful to label the entrance door to each room, be on hand for general guidance in helping staff place your effects in the correct positions.